SSC Presents "Comfort - A Poster Show, But With Blankets"

Summer School Collective is a Seattle-based design group that formed to provide connections between local creatives and promote productivity alongside other creators. More than two years into this journey, SSC now hosts shows to highlight the work of local designers. Comfort, the theme of their second annual poster show, was materialized in the form of custom-made blankets.

"Comfort is at once an intimately felt sensation and a universal concept. This poses challenges to those trying to form a concise definition... Every piece shows how complex 'comfort' can be, how intimately tied to the individual experience it is" - Nate Hoe

Blankets designed by: Abigail Buzbee, Sabrina Chau, Misha Fleyta, Nate Hoe, Ryan Hunt, Fidelia Lam, Lindsey Lewers, Amina Maya, Lenna Petersen, Hannah Pham, Lili'uolani Pickford, Fern Roath, and Irene Song.